Biopharmaceuticals have revolutionized modern medicine and given new hope for those diagnosed with cancer and other devastating chronic diseases. Monoclonal antibodies remain the most advanced and effective therapeutics for such diseases to date. Biosimilars promise to make these cutting-edge drugs more accessible, offering to prolong and improve the lives of even a greater number of patients across the globe.

BioXpress was founded in Geneva by the industry leaders in cell-line development and analytical characterization and has built a team of experts in the development of biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars, their manufacturing, characterization, clinical and regulatory development. The team has developed 12 originator biologics, seven of which are monoclonal antibodies, including Herceptin, Rituximab, Avastin, Xolair, Panitumumab, Denosumab, Humira.

Our long partnership with Selexis ensures highest standards in cell-line development, coupled with a collaboration with SGS for analytics, and priority access to laboratories and a CMO in Switzerland for optimal process development and GMP manufacturing so that the development of our biosimilars can be managed in a cost-effective and streamlined process.

The team is focused on the development of high quality biosimilar monoclonal antibodies while maintaining low development costs. While continuing to focus on the development or our pipeline, we engage in partnerships through licensing, collaborations and also can help you with the R&D management of your in-house biosimilar programs.